Will not connect to private server

We have a paid account. Have followed all the instructions to setup minecraft server. Can connect to tynker server however the /join command shows the “connecting…” text then it just goes away and nothing happens. Windows 10 here.

Hi there, our Minecract server is only needed for the Java version of Minecrtaft on PC/Mac. If you are using Windows 10, or Minecraft on the iPad, you can directly use the items by installing them as Resource Packs and behavior Packs on the client.

Our Modding Guide should have all the details. See Page 13 onwards

I have minecraft java. We set up for the server and world. I can join the server but when i type “/join (world_name)” it disconnects from the server before it will load the world. we have not been able to use this feature at all yet. please help…

Same issue here. Have you got this solved eventually?

We had an issue with the new recent server upgrades related to Minecraft 1.16.1. These should be resolved now.

I am having this same issue. It just sits at “connecting to private server”

Are you using the Minecraft Java Client?