What Next For Students

I have a student that is asking what to do with the knowledge and ideas they have once they learn the coding language. Anyone have resources for me to point him to if he wants to create a game or actual app using his new skills?

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Hello there,
After learning a coding language, students can work on developing their own programs using that language. These programs might not turn out to be fully-developed professional applications (depending upon grade level), however project-based learning can be an excellent programming experience as it helps students develop their own sense of using coding commands and developing efficient programs. You have not resources for a specific programming language, so I have listed a few resources below:

inventwithpython.com - This site includes many python projects which explore through concepts such as cryptography, basic game development, and even minecraft modding.

http://www.allitebooks.org/ - This site include pdfs of all sorts of programming languages and projects. I have already listed some good programming project books to start with below:

Scratch and Javascript programming

Javascript for kids (or just beginners in coding)

If you have any questions or need any resources in particular, please don’t hesitate to reply back.