What is the Tynker Workshop?

Tynker is a creative learning environment where kids learn programming by
doing. Kids solve puzzles and create stories, mini-games while learning and
applying skills they pick up on the way: design conception, pattern recognition,
algorithmic thinking, and problem solving.

Tynker is browser-based, totally device independent, and runs 100% in the
cloud, which makes it is very easy to set up and very simple to use. The
interface for using Tynker is the Tynker Workshop - an excellent web based
environment with unique and user-friendly features:
• Lego®-like visual code blocks - Coding with Tynker is not syntax driven,
but completely visual and conceptual. This eliminates the typical
frustration elementary and middle schoolers face when dealing with
syntax in a traditional programming language. Kids can now focus on the
underlying programming logic, not the language.

• TynkerBlocks - Fully functional and ready to use packaged objects.
Tynkerblocks are interesting objects with behaviors and codes
associated with them. Kids can plug in these complex objects into their
projects, making the experience more exciting, and opening up more
creative possibilities.

• Searchable Rich Media Library - Hundreds of high quality characters,
animation frames, sound effects and music. The Tynker Media Library is
unparalleled in quality and range of age-appropriate media, ensuring high
interest and engagement. Kids can also import their own drawings, or
draw using the in-built drawing tool.

• Built-in Tutor - Tynker provides guided tutorials and puzzles to enable
self-paced learning. Tynker gives kids the flexibility to learn at their own
pace, reviewing concepts or moving or jumping ahead to more complex
ones if they feel ready for it.