WeDo 2.0 issues

I cannot figure out the solution to our problems, and we (my students and I) have tried so many different troubleshooting options and nothing works. We have the Tynker app on up-to-date IPads, WeDo for Tynker is downloaded, and students are able to log in to some.

Issue #1 some Ipads lock the WeDo Coding option even after my students log in. The students have been assigned the WeDo 2.0 Course. I cannot understand how to get around this.

Issue #2 All Ipads have Bluetooth enabled and when we go to connect to Smart hubs, either they do not connect at all or they connect to each other so we do not get past the first color coding lesson. We even divided the class up so there are only 7 connecting instead of 15. We were still unsuccessful.

Please help!
Thanks so much,
Vicky =)