Using network or any other http method

Does anyone has tried using network block? or any other method for accessing web services.
I am trying to get and set external data, I have seen an example of getting weather data using “network” block, but nevertheless I am not able to use it in a new project since such block does not exist in my blocks

Thx Zohar

dont know about that, it would be nice if we had one

For the network issues troubleshooting go to and also check the security setting of the new connection established.

In today’s date most of the people know about it, So for that I have some different tricks which is good for all, So if you interested to know about how Data is great for all,SO for that you will just get some review and by which you will be very helpful.

Data Recovery

I once tried to use network block but I started facing a lot of laptop technical issues and couldn’t use network block for any longer but I got my laptop repair by laptop repair service in Dubai. Now I have started using this again.