User input not showing when 'ask' block used on iPad

Hi guys,

Created a fun little coordinates game for Grade 3, I am using an ‘Ask’ block to get user input about where the treasure chest is. We’ve got a mixed or laptops and iPads as we are still learning from home here.

Students with iPads aren’t getting the user input box pop-up. UPDATE: It is there, right at the bottom, but the input box is black and the text when typed is black. You can’t see the box and you can’t see what you are writing. It will still detect a correct answer, but makes it really really difficult for children to see and use.

Works on browser just not on the Tynker App. The App is up to date. Here are the specs:

App version: 4.6.330
Device: iPad (5th Generation)
iOS: 14.0.1

There are a couple of blocks you can try. In the pen there is a change font block and change font color block

Hi David,

Thank you for the suggestion, I gave it a go, but its still not changing the input box, only the of the text. I don’t think it is a coding issue, I think it may be a glitch in the new update. Sharing some videos using your suggestion to show what I mean.

Input box not showing no code to change fill box colour or text colour change.

Input box not showing with changes to fill box and text colour.

Ok. Let me do some testing with it and I will let our team know