Unable to open project in iPad after import sound from Browser Version

Good day,

I started my project by import sound (abount 500Kb file size) from Chrome. Later i try open project in iPad but the project NEVER open successfully in iPad. Not like my other project created in iPad :joy:

How to check what goes wrong?

Hi there, can I get the URL to your web project so that we can investigate? If you prefer to privately share it, please send it to support@tynker.com

seriously, i think there is a respond rate issue with Tynker :slight_smile:
it’s an issue raised many weeks ago but i noticed i just saw this post a day ago.

It has been resolved after a few round of reload my project. Thanks @smandyam

I agree - we’ve dropped the ball on this forum, hoping that the community answers questions, but I think they are probably too technical. We’ll strive to do a better job. Thanks for your feedback!