Tynker projects being automatically rejected

Hello. I would like to know why my tynker projects are being automatically rejected by the tynker admins. There are 7 I am repeatedly sharing over and over again that are being rejected, and they had not for the past year since they were released. I expect a quick annd thorough responce as there is nothing wrong with said projects. My Tynker name is Rundown Copy.

Tynker’s moderation team looks for a number of things. For example:

  • personally identifiable information
  • scary or mean
  • inappropriate drawings or pictures
  • audio with inappropriate lyrics

Sometimes we may have rejected in error. It’s best if you send a note to the support team at support@tynker.com with a few examples of project names and they can review.

At this time, the moderation team is a bit backlogged due to the surge of students using Tynker during school closures. But they will do their best to help you.

hi @smandyam all my projects submitted for review never been publish. My daughter so disappointed as i told her she will be able to showcase the world. she spent lots of effort… i tried contact the mentioned support email, they said they will feedback and look into my project but it has been months…

Is there anything wrong with the moderator team? :frowning:

The moderation team hasbeen dealing with a huge backlog of projects with inappropriate lyrics and they have been super busy. Please ask her to resubmit, since we prioritize new submissions.