Tynker Introduction for Teachers: What Can Tynker Do?

Tynker is very educator friendly – it has been built with the specific needs of
teachers in mind. To begin with, it is really easy to set up - a teacher can freely
sign up for Tynker, add students and create a programming classroom in

Teachers with minimal or no prior programming experience are also able to use
the Tynker platform and ensure real learning of programming concepts and skills
among their students.

Teachers choose how they want to use Tynker – as an end-to-end platform to
teach a structured programming course, as a tool to aid and enhance learning in
subjects like math and physics, or as a means for student expression in
projects, field trips, or creative writing.

There is extensive support for schools and educators on Tynker, the key
features being:
• Classroom & Student Management tools - Extensive tools for teachers
to manage their classes and students effectively. Teachers create a
classroom and add students in minutes. Integration with Google logins
makes it even easier to login to Tynker. Teachers can pass out coding
assignments, collect and grade student projects, communicate one-onone
with students in real-time.
• Lesson Plans - Augment the freely included starter packs with a set of
ready to use thematic lesson plans that teach a variety of skills such as
animation, storytelling, game design, physics, math art, and more. Each
lesson plan has several lesson units packaged into 45-minute activities
that can be used in a session. You can use these in order or customize it
to your students’ specific needs.
• Advanced lesson-planning features - Enables teachers to manage a
Netflix-like queue for lessons and use them over the course of time.
• Class Showcase - A class showcase ensures that interesting projects
done by kids can be put up for parents and other students to see.
• Safe and secure private cloud - Tynker’s digital classroom for
programming establishes a safe and secure private cloud environment
where teachers and students collaborate to create and share.
• Student Assessment and Metrics - Track your class as they progress
through the programming skills concept map. The Class Assessment
chart is a consolidated view of the skills and concepts that the students
have been exposed to, are learning, and have mastered across all
students in the class. The individual student performance report lets you
focus on the progress of a single student. Tynker’s patent pending
technology enables a deep and detailed understanding of each student’s