Tynker Bugs - Game Design Lessons - Blockly editor not working correctly

Dear Tynker Support,

As we are trying to use the web site and the tutorials, the Blockly editor is not behaving correctly. For example, we tried all three active accounts to run the Game Design I and II (we tried CTF parts 1-3) and they all misbehave the same way. With Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers what we see only works until we select and drag our first block and then it creates a confused “echo” of the block and no longer knows where it is. We tried four computers, three Win10 and one Win7 (all 64-bit) with three browsers. We never did get a successful attempt.

On a blank canvas I placed the first block and as soon as I click the left mouse button an “echo” of the placed block shows up and is highlighted in red.

We also tried Emailing support and they have not responded in several days.