Turing's Tower Underground World Level 15

Please help to solve this code in level 15 (Combine your knowledge to code the tower through the meteor shower.). There is 3 towers which need to move up and down to avoid meteors… If you can help that will be great (showing image will be better).
Thank you.

Hi Edgar,

Did you know, as a parent you have access to the answer keys for all the home courses that your child has access to?

Here’s a video showing how you can find the answer keys for that puzzle from your parent dashboard: Meteor Shower Answer Keys

The point of the puzzle is to split the tower up so the meteors can pass through the tower without hitting it.

  • The center tower piece should go right to the mouse-position.
  • The top tower piece should be some distance above the center
  • The bottom piece should be below.
  • All pieces need to stay on-screen during the puzzle, so don’t put the pieces too far above or below the center.
  • Don’t let any pieces of the tower get hit by any meteors.

If you’re still having trouble, don’t hesitate to let us know.