Student sharing with the teacher

When a student shares their project with me is there a way to edit their code and have it saved in their project. I know I can send them blocks but with the 400 plus students I have sometimes I need to rework their code and it would be helpful if our changes as a teacher could be saved to their project for true collaboration in real time. When I edit it allows me to debug but then it is erased and not saved on their project. This feature would be helpful for collaboration. I hope I am being clear I can see their project and give them recommendations but if I edit it won’t be saved to their project and some of my kids are very young and need the help to be in real time and stay in effect on their program.
Thanks for your help,


Hi Eric,
Think of it like an old word document. You can open the project as a teacher, edit it, and then save it. Once you do, you can then return the student the URL of the project you edited. They will be able to see those changes, edit the project, and then save again.


Thanks David I have enjoyed the classes I have taken with you online (recorded) when I received my Level 1, Level 2, and Distinguished Educator certificates. I am aware that I can treat it like a word document and do the url transfer which is nice but as I am working with younger kids in third and fourth grade that is a lot of steps (for some not all). I love the sharing feature that we can chat back and forth but I wish it were more like a shared google doc that we could both work on in real time and still chat as that would allow them to see what I am doing from one place to another. This would be a neat feature with the number of kids I work with and the fact that I only see them once a week. I work with almost 400 kids so it is a lot of steps that could be remedied by a shared document type space. Thanks for your quick reply. I love coding and hope to learn more on how to effectively implement Tynker with the small amount of time I have available with my students.


Hi Eric, I will certainly pass that request on. One thing of note as well is that you can actually share code snippets and actors in the chat. Just drag them into it. Not fully like Google Docs but will get you pretty close

Thanks for your reply David. Yes I can and have dragged code to the chat but for a majority of my kids on their small chromebook screens it made the spaces too small to navigate and was often too many steps. Some of this will get easier as the kids learn but they would benefit from watching me drag their pieces in place and be able to see it in real time. Also it would be great for the times I had to go remote. Thanks again for your help.