Sharing Tutorials with Other Teachers?

Anyone with advice on this. I have created 6-7 tutorials that I would like others at my school to be able to assign with their own classes. Is there a way I can publish these programs to make them public or email my colleagues an add code or something.

I did go into to my dashboard and publish each of my programs, but I cannot find them in the “Explore” section. How can we share the program and not just the “Showcase” version? I ask that because I have also tried to Email the program but my colleagues get the standard “Look what you child has made” and it will not allow them to see the code or save it into their own dashboard.

Any help please.


When you use the built-in sharing mechanisms in Tynker, the shared page plays the project, and does not directly open the code in Tynker Workshop. So, please follow these steps to share a tutorial with a colleague:

Steps to share a tutorial:

  1. Copy the project URL from the browser search box.
  2. Share the project link using any method with your colleague - sms, email, post on a web page, etc.

For example here is a tutorial:

Steps to assign a colleague’s tutorial:

  1. Log into your Tynker Educator Account
  2. Click on the shared link to open it in Tynker Workshop
  3. Save the project - you will save your own copy under your “My Projects” tab.
  4. Now you can assign it to any class

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