Sharing Projects

When my students click the “Share” button on their projects in order to share them with each other or with another class in order to get feedback, the links Tynker gives them only take students to the Tynker login page or if they’re logged in, it takes them to their dashboard. The shared links never take them to the actual project.

The same thing happens when I open their projects as the teacher and attempt to share their work. We were supposed to complete a reflection and feedback project leading up to finals and we’re kind of stuck.

Any suggestions on what to do?

Hi Daniel,
Can we assume these are text coding projects? If so, students should be able to share the link if they are signed in and everyone is using the same email domain. If they are not, we suggest sharing these to the community and then getting the public link from that as the best share option.


Yes, they’re text coding projects. How does one share publicly then? We’ve yet to figure out any way for students to share their work with each other.

A suggestion might be in the future to allow classes to share their projects with each other at a minimum. I created the classes and the accounts at the beginning of the year not realizing they wouldn’t be able to share their work that way.

Do you have a license? If so, they should be able to share just by sharing the URL at the top when the project is open. They need to be logged into their account first though.

The other option is to share to the community and then pull the URL from the community.

Recently, text coding projects had to be changed a bit to enhance security. As long as students are in the same class under the same domain, they should be able to just share the URL link at the top. As stated earlier though, they will likley get the best results if they are logged into Tynker first and then they click on the project link.

Yes, we have a license. The process that my students are going through is to go to their project, click the share button, copy that link and then put it into a shared spreadsheet. However, as the teacher, I’m the only one who can open all of their links. Even if the students are logged in as part of the same class, they can’t see each other’s work.

How does one go about sharing to the community? Is that what happens when Tynker asks if they want to publish their work? Because when the students agree to that the files still don’t open for anyone.

We’ve just finished Python 101 and for the end of the semester assignment, they were supposed to choose one of the 5 games they created towards the end of that unit (Tetris, Snake, Frogger, Pong, Connect 4) and customize the code to make the game their own. Colors, shapes, scoring, etc. I wanted them to go through several iterations of their design and to share their code with family/friends/classmates to get feedback after each iteration. I could just have them share .py files but those only work if someone has Python installed on their system and I also don’t want to teach my students to just run every .py file they get in their email. I don’t have time to teach them how to create installers so I was hoping they could just share their projects via Tynker for others to try.

I guess if push comes to shove, I can just create projects myself, copy their code into the project and share it from my account, but then it won’t update with any changes the students make in the future and that’s not really a practical solution for 40 people.

I would try just having students grab the URL at the top of the project when it is open and share that link. Others should be able to see it if logged in.