Saving to the cloud from ipad

Hi there,
I see that I can save the projets on the cloud (I have enabled sharing the projects). I have a question though… I click on the orange cloud icon in the project and it saves it! That’s great, but… What does this means? Where are the files and how can I access them? I did not find any way to log int with an account, or anything, I can search for my projects in the community. Is there someone that can tell me what’s going on? I would like to make backup copies of the projects and would like to understand how things work around here…
Thanks a lot!

Hi there, you should be able to sign up and create an account from the Tynker app and use the same credentials to access your projects from the web on or your iPad.

Thanks for the answer. My problem is that I had the app not in English, and in that case the sign-in was not supported. I found a note in one of the many pages with documentation, that mentioned that. To sign in you need the app in English.
Thank you Srinivas for answering, hope this message will help others when they face the same problem.