Is there a way to export a report that you can define the time frame and number of lessons a student has completed. In this virtual teaching environment, I would love to be able to pull up a report that shows what kids have been doing.

There are different reports available to teachers, school administrators and district administrators. Have you already seen all of them?

We are adding more features especially to support school closures. It will be great to get your feedback on what all the kinds of reports that a teacher would like to see. Please send a note to or post here. Thanks!

I only have access to the Teacher View. Here are some things that I would love to see for each student for a selected time frame:
-Number of lessons completed
-Highest lesson completed
-Time engaged with Tynker
-Number of Log Ins
-Last Date Logged In

These are data points that help me evaluate student engagement in the curriculum and student progress within the curriculum. I would like to be able to export it to Google Sheets so that I could manipulate the data. I would use this information to justify our continued use of Tynker to Admin, send out virtual Shout Outs to parents and students through Remind and Google Classroom, see if students that are asking for help have tried or are just coming to the teacher first without utilizing multiple problem solving strategies. If these data points could be and collected and exported it would be a wonderful addition to an already great platform.
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I would love this information too -
Iā€™d also like to see how many times they attempt a lesson - the dates that they worked on a lesson . Repeated attempts would be really useful.

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Thanks for the feedback! We are continuing to enhance the analytics data especially those that help monitor student activity in a virtual teaching scenario.