Python 101 - Frogger

Some of my students have tried to add scoring to Frogger but we can’t seem to get it to work. There doesn’t seem to be an answer key for the coding challenges. The interface blanks and there aren’t any error messages as well.

Where are you accessing Frogger? In a course?

Yes, from within Python 101. It is the last activity - Final Game where students look at Frogger and Pong.

Thanks. We will have our team take a look at it

We are sorry you are having trouble.
For the answer key, go to courses>> Python 101 >>Final Game>>Answer Key, and click on “open sample project”. There, you will find the code for the fully working project.
Could you send the code your students are using for scoring?
Are they referring to Python 101>> game design>>lesson 4, on creating scoring dictionaries?