Parrot Mambo & Fetching Pictures

We are having a lot of problems getting our drones to fetch pictures once we have taken them. We have one student who is able to get his to do it, and we have replicated his code and they are still not fetching. Is anyone else have problems with this or have some tricks that we are missing.

We’ve improved the drone picture-taking tutorial. Please try it again.

When you try to fetch a picture from a drone over bluetooth, it can take 10 seconds per picture. Sometimes it may take a minute even. If you stop the program or turn off the drone in the meantime, it appears to not be working. In our new drone tutorial, you should see some more information and a progress bar as the picture is being transferred. Please give that a try and let us know how it goes.

Where is the picture-taking tutorial? Can you give the link to the tutorial?

Having the same issue. I’ve programmed it to play a sound after the fetch so I can tell if it has completed the action. However, it never reached the next step.

We still have had no luck getting the pictures to fetch.

You could try upgrading the firmware of your drones using Parrot’s Free Flight app. We are able to use the Mambo and successfully transfer pictures. You can even write separate programs to take pictures and fetch pictures.

In order to debug the problem, try taking the picture using the Free flight App. See if you can fetch it by writing a program on Tynker. Or vice versa.

Hope this helps!

We are also having this issue with fetching photos on two of our twenty iPads. The drones are taking the photos as when we go into the free fly app we can see the photos and download them but for some reason the fetch command in tynker is not working. I have tried the drones on different iPads and they work fine. As the app has not yet asked to retrieve the photos I can not change the setting in the background. I’ve double checked and there are not restrictions on accessing photos as other apps are doing it. Anyone any ideas?

  1. Make sure that firmware is up to date on the Parrot. Have to use the Parrot app for that.
  2. Use the Fetch block as the last block- (after Land). Once the Parrot lands- wait about 1 minute and hold the iPad close to the Drone. The image should transfer. The BT connection has to switch over from flight- so it takes a bit extra.