Pairing multiple drones..need help

We just purchased 10 Mambo drones for our school for students to program. I am having trouble using classroom mode and finding how to individually pair the drones to a specific device. I needed a little details then given in instructions.
I can…get to settings, teacher dashboard and enable multi-toy mode. How can I determine what “Paired Drone Name” to enter, then go back and make sure I select the correct drone once I want to connect to the drone? If I enable multi-toy mode, I can’t connect to any of the drones. If I don’t it just randomly connects to the different drones. Are there any more detailed, step-by-step directions, do you HAVE to be signed in to account for this feature to work?

Each Mambo drone has a name - it’s usually like a serial number MAMBO_XXXX. With the classroom mode, you have the opportunity to configure the iPad to only pair with a certain named drone. The name has to match with the current name of the drone.

I believe you can optionally change the name using Parrot’s Free Flight app. For instance, you can name a drone as “Maya” and another one as “Andy”. Then in Tynker, you can specify those names in the Classroom mode setup. Once this is done, you can label the drones and iPad with a sticker showing the name of the drone so that it’s clear for the students when they work with multiple tablets and drones.

Their lesson progress is tracked based on their login. You do not have to be signed in to pair drones or use the classroom mode.