My kids finished Glitch Manor - but it shows "99% complete"

Hi, my kids finished the Glitch Manor course, but it still says 99% complete - even after they finished the challenges.

They want to complete it to 100%, but they don’t know how to find what small part has not been completed. Is there a simple way of finding what is the 1% that has not been done?

Same issue here. She exited before doing the “bonus” challenge, and now we can’t get back to the bonus and we’re stuck at 99%. Any help from Tynker? Thanks.

Please make sure that your child has completed the Do-It-Yourself projects in each lesson by following the instructions. Our systems match the project that the child made with the expected output, and if it looks like they did not complete it, it is marked as incomplete.

For example, when you launch Glitch manor, you will see a display like this. If you do not have a gold star in a bonus DIY project, that means it is incomplete. Once all the projects are completed, the system automatically marks them as complete.

Where is the bonus DIY project for “music mystery” ? It’s the only one my son has not completed and it’s extremely frustrating to him because he can’t figure out where the DIY project is located.

I’ve been all over that game and I can’t figure out how to progress either. Please help.

All the DIY projects are saved under your child’s My Projects account after they complete a chapter.