My ideas for overhauling tynker

i have used tynker for quite a while now, and i am very impressed on how easy it is to use,

however, i do believe tynker does have some missing features that would drastically improve the platform

  1. a “tru javascript mode” where literally all blocks only contain things from javascript without any library


all actors now all share the same space for where you program them (like true javascript)

lets say you wanted to move an actor

using this.actor1xspeed = 1

would move the actor instead of

change x by ( )

2, change the way projects get featured

when i see featured projects, they almost all ways do not make any sense,

at least they are different from the unfeatured projects which 99.99% of the time have no functionality

i have thought of a solution to this problem that might work

instead of featuring projects by what they look like on the surface

feature them by how long it took to make the project,

how much work was done in that time

how many levels it has,

and how much it does what its suppose to

i do not think it is fair how somebody who works on a project for 2+ weeks and spends a lot of time on that project will most likely not get featured , i know because i have been there,

also a down vote system would help to as it would allow users to siphon out bad projects and promote the good ones

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I agree!
It has been of great help to me