My Army - Code Commander

I have 25 students and 5 of them cannot see their army on the left side of screen when trying to click on “my army” to move and code them. The left side of screen simply is empty. We just see a green screen on left and “welcome to your army hub!”

Please help. Is there a history or cookies or java? It doesn’t make a lot of sense because those students can battle fellow students. In the battle sequence they do show the soldiers, they just have random coding and when they try to adjust coding in “my army” it just goes back to blank green screen on left with no soldiers.

They need to complete a certain number of levels to be able to have an army to battle. Please have them complete additional levels.

We made a fix to code-commander today.

I verified that the fix worked for all the example users you provided.

Thanks for your patience and thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Have your students try again and let us know if you encounter any more problems.

Best Regards,
~Tynker Support