Mods to person private server

If a mod is created and tested on Tynker’s private Minecraft Server. Can I import that mod to a personal private server? What steps would be necessary?

Unfortunately, at this time you cannot export the mods authored on Tynker’s servers to your own servers. You can certainly download the skins, and other resources but just not the mods.

This is too bad. I wonder if there are plans to make the mods downloadable. Maybe if my daughter watchers more monster high ads she’ll unlock mod downloads?

Are there plans to make this a feature? Would really be a fun way for the kids to share / show off their creations with their friends.

You can share the mods on Tynker by publishing them into the community. There are millions of shared and published items that the community reuses, including mods and add-ons. The reason that you cannot use mods on another server is that the mods use the visual programming blocks in Tynker.