Lost Student Projects

A students’ entire project work is missing. What could have happened and is there a way to get them back?

Typically, if students are logged in as someone else, or not signed in, their work may be saved somewhere else, and not under our account. Please make sure that they are all signed in to their accounts before working on Tynker.

You can send a private email to support@tynker.com if there is a particular user that you want us to check.

I have been experiencing this issue as well. The student is logged in, working on their project, then when they come back the code is missing.

Typically this might be because the student was not logged in. Also in any project make sure to turn Auto-save ON, which is off by default. (It’s under File---- at the bottom)

This has also been happening to my students. It like kicks them out (We are working on the Welcome lesson) or back to the beginning of the tutorial lesson (like to the beginning of Alien Sounds) and not save anything. We are using Win10 with latest updates and Chrome it is kind of frustrating… At least in Alien Sounds we can save periodically BUT in the other parts of the lesson we cannot so we lose and have to start over.

Hopefully you have turned on Auto Save, and students are all logged in?

My kid just published a project for Avatar: week1 code jam and got lost/deleted a few minutes before. Can you please check and confirm?.
She worked very hard, so kindly check as she is crying :frowning:

user name of my kid is ‘mary_123’


Oh no sorry to hear that!

Please note that when you submit a project, it may take 24-48 hours to see that project in the Community after the moderation team approves it. The same is true for Code Jam projects.