Logging in without the math problem?

Hello there!
My district is getting involved in the Everyone Can Code program with Apple. We have hit a snag. We would love our K-2 teachers to use Tynker, but to have them login using their logins created by their teachers in their classroom setting, they are asked a difficult (for K-2) math problem. We want our kids to be independent. How do the kids login without that math problem? We did not see anywhere in the app (or suggested in google) that allowed students to login without the math problem. Is that a possibility? If not, could it be? We don’t want to ask our K-2 teachers to log each child in every time a student is going to use Tynker.
Thank you so much for your help with this.

We are aware of this and have received feedback from elementary schools.

However, there is an Apple requirement that when you link to the open web, we need to put the gate for kids. However, that is only because the “Sign in via Google” option has other links that allow kids to navigate beyond the scope of the app in a web view.

So in a future release we will defer the parent gate to only kids who Sign in via Google.