If/else statement "not working" - or the logic behind it

I’m trying to make a Binary converter I guess - input a decimal number and it displays light bulbs on or off

The “0” costume is off, the “1” costume is on.
If I input “8”, I expect the light bulb to light up - after all, it’s not less that “0” - it’s equal to it.

Is my logic all wrong?

Project on Tynker

Is there a way we can have the link to your project so we can test it?

In this snippet, did you mean to have “test < 0” in the if statement? Either way should work.

There is a link to my project Project on Tynker on the post.

The test variable was just to check I had things “right” - that the input was actually being treated as a number, rather than a string. Just a debugging step.

I added some sound blocks, and determined that it was in fact working, but not changing the costume on the light bulb.

Changed costume names, and it appears to work fine at the moment.