I need to purchase the School Plan K-8, but no one reply with a quote

I own a technology school, and after testing courses around I really like tynker to be my main source of education for coding and expect to have over 200 students different grades, So I want to purchase the school plan from K-8 and STEM courses + robotics, but no one in Tynker has replay to my quote requests. I sent around 3 different requests and I only got back info about the camps. But I need the school program. Is there anywhere to call??? Need courses ASAP.

Does anyone have purchased a school curriculum? how long it takes for a replay and do they have any extra requirements to purchase it?

Thanks for the note. We have several ways of licensing Tynker, and they are different depending on whether you are a school or an afterschool/camp.

It you are running an afterschool or camp, please select the camp curriculum here. This curriculum includes courses such as Creative Coding Studio, Game Design Studio, Animation Studio. These courses have 10-12 hours of curriculum and work well for a week-long half-day camp, or even an after school program where they meet once a week for 6-8 weeks. With this, you have access to 16 courses spanning the areas of coding, drones, Minecraft and Lego WeDo programming. Most of these courses are offered at $50 per student, and we offer volume pricing for camps with 1,000+ student enrollments per year.

Our school solution is for educational institutions such as public schools where a student is not charged on a per course basis. You can browse our school curriculum here. When you make a request, please be as detailed as possible with your intended use. Our school sales team do not respond to camps trying to purchase the school curriculum, because that’s not the intended use for our school curriculum. The School sales team is mainly focused on serving schools, and they prioritize requests from districts and schools first. They determine this by looking at your email address, any details of your web site and business they can find from your domain name.

If you are a camp or afterschool, you cannot use the Tynker School K-8 Curriculum. Instead use the Camp curriculum. We have tens of thousands of students attending Tynker coding camps through our partners such as Sylvan and iDTech. For the last 2 years, Apple used the Tynker app to teach coding in Apple stores throughout the world.

The camp solution is a self-serve portal, and you can get started with a $500 minimum commitment. You will be billed as you enroll students and they access premium lessons. For example, the $500 is used for the first 10 student enrollments. These credits do not expire.

If you have other specific questions, drop us a line at support@tynker.com, and we’ll help you out.