How to name costume switching animations not created with Character Studio?

How to assign a name to animations which are coded using costume switching block commands and not Character Studio characters or Character Studio animations? Names that can be referenced in the various Animation Blocks. And not the simple timed animation defined with “Animate with Name” block-- animations that consist of timed costume changes.


The following instructor’s “show lesson detail” page poses the question copied below,:

Copied Question:
The “animate” and “animate and wait” blocks can only be used on “Character Creator” Actors? (False)

Yet, it is not clear in any documentation I can find how to assign a name to an animation other than those created using Character Creator?

Sidenote: As a new user, I’m very surprised how poor Tynker’s documentation is. Even the Blocks Reference guide at (Tynker Support) is difficult to find.

Thank you for assistance

Block documentation is available in Workshop help and the courses. Additionally we are adding 30 second videos to explain concepts like these.

Please see this project that I created and see if this helps with what you are trying to do.