How to assign or share lessons and projects to mobile app?


I have a project remix that I want to show and make available to my classroom. I tried to do this by assigning the project (from my project collection) to the classroom. This works ok in the dashboard, but when I tried logging into the iOS app as a student, I can’t see that project anywhere.

Am I doing it wrong? Tried to look up some doco but can’t find any.

Thank you.

I had this same issue a few months ago when I created a tutorial. I was told the only option is to have the kids:

  1. log into the web version
  2. open your remix
  3. save it
  4. then when the open the app, it should be in their projects.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We’ll look into a better experience for this use case. At this time, you can certainly assign it on the Web, and once students start the project, it will be available in their “My Projects” portfolio, and that project does get synced back to the student’s iPad.

@jmckinnon - thank you. I had the same problem as Eldo and can confirm that your suggestion does seem to work. It is disappointing (but perhaps unsurprising given the difficulty/effort involved keeping the web .com version and iOS App version the same) that there appear to be a number of differences between the user experience and functionality available online at and that available in App on iOS device.