How to assign multiple teachers to a classroom or merge classrooms

I would like to be able to merge two classrooms or add a teacher to an existing classroom. [details=Summary]I am a teacher at Wendu Education Centre in Burnaby, which has two coding teachers (I am one) and several classes (i.e., regularly-scheduled coding groups of students) at two locations.
We have a Tynker classroom subscription (“Classroom, pay per course”), but I do not see a way of assigning teacher role to another teacher.
I created my own Tynker classroom before knowing that Wendu already had a Tynker subscription. Now we have two accounts with the same students in both. Now the two teachers want to merge the progress of both classes and be able to cooperate in assigning lessons to the shared students.[/details]
Could someone assist me in this?

Unfortunately, Tynker does not support co-teachers on the same account but if you contact us at, we can help you move all of your students over to one account so that you just use one login.

Is there any way we could have two teachers for one account? I am trying to be a teacher with Wendu Education Center who has a subscription already under the email address “”. I know their log in, but I don’t see a way to add myself as a teacher and merge my classes.