How to assign a course to a student?

I’ve brought the K-8 plan for my school. And have registered every student/teacher/classroom through csv, but in the setup checklist [add students/create a classroom], the options aren’t confirmed, so I can’t assign courses to classrooms. I’m administrator, not teacher. Only the teachers have the option to assign? Or how can I do it?

Yes, typically teachers assign lessons to their classrooms. The have the ability to assign the course lessons or STEM lessons as they need throughout the school year, and track their mastery in their dashboard. If you are looking for some other way of configuring this - please send an email to, and we’ll see how to help you.

I would love to see an option to assign lessons to individual students. There are students who are flying through the material and can work independently. I would like to be able to assign them work at their pace. In the meantime, other students skip around the lessons or skip through it saying they are done when in reality they haven’t mastered the work or even attempted it. I need to hold them back from the next lesson until I’m satisfied with their work on the current lesson. Right now its a whole class lesson, which is far from personalized and mastery based.

This is possible - sort of.

Any project in YOUR projects page (the teacher projects) can be assigned to an individual. So, you can assign any project to an individual. You can create your own tutorials.

So- you could actually open a project that’s inside a lesson, do a Save As…, modify the project to your liking (even add your own tutorial), then assign it.

Great way to differentiate.

Yeah, that works for an individual project, but not an entire lesson. I wish we could assign lessons on a per student basis.