How many courses should students at least need to take in each grade level?

I know it depends of how good they master or learn , but how many courses are enough? does ech course have different skills? it is not easy to open each course and see if the skills are same as the ones they learn in another course of not! is there a way to find out that?

We’ve made Tynker open-ended so that kids can choose courses that they like, based on their learning interests.

I suggest using the Gear icon (Settings) on the student dashboard and selecting a track - such as Music and Art, Game Design, or Advanced Coding. In each track, if they complete 2-3 courses of increasing complexity, they should have a good understanding of most coding concepts.

Additionally, if they want to take a breather between courses, there are over 300 do-it-yourself project templates, hundreds of coding puzzle levels, coding competitions and multiplayer games where they can use code to battle with other kids.

We also recommend publishing projects to the Community as well as remixing their own versions of community projects that they like. All community submissions are moderated.