How do kids learn in Tynker?

Kids learn on their own with a guided, hands-on approach that individualizes the learning experience. Here are a few videos that show you the kids experience in Turing’s Tower and Goblin Quest.

Turing’s Tower

Goblin’s Quest

Jungle Run (Python)

How Kids Learn with Tynker

Solve Coding Puzzles - Kids rapidly learn the basics as they solve coding puzzles designed to teach them sequencing, logic, and critical thinking skills.

Complete Self-Paced Courses - Kids get hands-on with coding as they are guided through lessons, interactive tutorials, step-by-step instructions, and how-to videos.

Stay Engaged with Daily Missions - Each day, kids get exciting new challenges and fun missions in their student dashboard. These missions are designed to help kids progress along their learning path.

Earn Rewards & Certificates - As kids complete missions, they gain XP, earn cool trophies, and unlock new characters to use in their projects.

Create Custom Projects - Once kids know the fundamentals of programming, they can build games, mod Minecraft, and fly drones!

From your Parent Dashboard, you can follow your child’s progress, manage your subscription, and share your child’s creations.