How do I program Sphero, Ollie and BB-8 using Tynker?

You can write programs to control Sphero robots in the “Create” section of the Tynker app. Simply create a new project, and add Ollie or Sphero as an Actor into your program.

If the pairing is successful, you should see a green indicator on the Actor. Place the toy on a clear surface without obstructions and press the play button.

The default code should execute and your connected toy should move in a square pattern.

Pairing Tips:

  • Make sure that your connected toys are fully charged.
  • Each tablet can pair with one Sphero and one Ollie at a time.
  • Monitor the discovery and pairing status under Properties in the Tynker app.
  • If pairing is unsuccessful, try docking the toys and restarting the Tynker app.
  • Pair with Ollie and Sphero in the same Tynker program by adding one Actor of each type within your program.
  • If there are multiple Sphero toys in the vicinity, make sure that you pair with the right one under Settings → Bluetooth.
  • If there are multiple Ollie robots in the vicinity, pairing is based on proximity.
  • Use the built-in remote to pilot your toy, from under Properties.

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How do I connect an Android Tablet to a sphero BB-8? I do not find the spherobot actor on my tablet (Sony Tablet Z).
Best Regards, Georg

Georg, just closing this note. Thanks for your email to - we’ve noted your interest in Android. It is on the roadmap, however I do not have a specific date that this will be supported.