How do I program Lego WeDo with Tynker?

With the Tynker app, kids can connect to their WeDo 2.0 and control it using all the cool sensors of the WeDo plus the power of Tynker’s programming language.

Lego WeDo 2.0 is an amazing way for kids to build using the Lego bricks they know and love–and then use programming to bring their creations to life and engineer incredible inventions.

The WeDo 2.0 comes with three sensors that you can attach to the main brick, including a motor, a distance sensor, and a tilt sensor, in addition to an LED light and a speaker. With just the brick and the three sensors, there’s so much you can do!

Here’s what you have to work with using the Lego WeDo 2.0 robotics kit:

The Brick: The WeDo brick has an LED light that can change its color and a speaker that can play sounds at different frequencies. You can connect up to two sensors (motor, distance sensor, or tilt sensor) to the brick at a time or just program the brick by itself.

The Motor: When the motor is hooked up to the brick, you can turn on or off the motor and set the power and direction of the motor. Tynker also allows you to run the motor for a certain amount of time.

The Distance Sensor: The distance sensor has two modes: distance and count. It can either detect how far away an item is in front of it (distance mode) or it can count how many times something has moved past it (count mode).

The Tilt Sensor: The tilt sensor has three modes: angle, direction, and bump. In angle mode, it detects how far it’s tilted from left to right. In direction mode, it can detect whether it is tilted forward, backward, left, right, or neutral. In bump mode, the sensor counts how many times it has been bumped.

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