How can I join my Education Center's account?

I am trying to be a teacher with Wendu Education Center who has a subscription already under the email address “”. I know the Wendu “” log in, but I don’t see a way to add myself as a teacher and merge my classes.

Please have the camp director send an email to and we can help. Alternatively the camp director can add teachers from their dashboard.

We currently have a classroom plan (see screenshot at URL
), which does not seem to allow for adding different teachers to any of the classes. The next pricing level is for Elementary school plan, which is more than $2,200 more expensive than the plan we’re currently at. We cannot afford the next level and yet we need to add different teachers to our various classes.

Are you a camp or afterschool class? If so, our camp curriculum allows you to assign 15 different courses to your students. Since you are billed per student enrollment, you can have each child doing a different course. If you are looking for that, please reach out to support, and they can help you out.

If instead, you are a school, and looking for more courses, you can always add more courses at $399. Note that these courses are supposed to be in a school setting, and each classroom can support 1 teacher with up to 30 students.