Having trouble connecting Google Classroom? Let's fix that!

To ensure Google Classroom is working correctly, both students AND teachers need to have pop-ups enabled on their browsers.

If you see this red message, Google Classroom is NOT connected:

To connect Google Classroom (assuming you already have created a Google Classroom and students have already joined).:

Enable Pop-ups
In Google Chrome, if popups are disabled, you’ll see this image in the top right of the search bar:

1. To enable them, you can do two things:

A. Click on that image and “always allow pop-ups.”


B. Click on the green lock (top left) and choose “allow.”

2. Now, log out and log back in.

On the page https://www.tynker.com/myclasses/ wait a second and a pop-up box should appear. It looks like this:

3. Click Allow:
Once you click allow, you and students should see all lesson material AND also be able to turn in assignments from the Tynker.com dashboard.

This also needs to be done once for every student account.

I have given Tynker permission to view/manage my Google Classroom, but it just keeps loading the screen. I let it sit there for ten minutes before trying the steps again, but it is still not working.

Please try logging out of all your google accounts and then logging in. Make sure that popup blockers are disabled. Try this from a new browser. If you normally use chrome and your browser history has saved all your Google login authorizations, you can try doing this first steps from say Safari or Internet Explorer, and then go back to your default browser. The permission dialog is a one-time thing.

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