Finding deleted project

Hello all
My son has been working on a project for quite a while but when he went to open it this morning all he could see was a blank project page. All his work had disappeared. Has anyone else had this experience? Are we just not doing something that should be obvious? Any tips or hints for finding the l9sr project would be greatly appreciated!

@leenicol123 sorry to hear that. Did he save it and is it available in his account? Usually we have a session timeout on the web site, and sometimes if he did not Save the project, and left the computer, he is logged out automatically in 60 minutes. In that case, the work may not have been saved. Was this the case?

I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a timeout issue. He had been working on the project on and off over the course of a few days with no problem. Perhaps it was just “one of those things”. The important thing is that he not get discouraged.

Please send the account and project name to and we will take a deeper look.