Exporting project

Can you export a project so that parents can view it at home without Tynker?

If the project was created on tynker.com:

  • kids with associated parent accounts can share with parents - parents are notified by an email
  • kids in a classroom can share with their classmates in school
  • kids can publish to the Tynker community, and the projects apper in the community after moderation.
  • teachers and parents may publish kids’ projects to a shared class or family gallery from their accounts

If the project was created on the Tynker iPad app by a signed-in user:

  • the projects may be saved to a cloud account on tynker.com and the same sharing rules above apply.

If the project was created on the Tynker iPad app by an user with no account,

  • use Sign In and create a new account on tynker. You will have an option to import all the projects created before sign-in into your newly created account. After that, you may use the same credentials to sign in on the web at tynker.com and access the project you created under “My Projects”. The same sharing rules apply from the web.