Entirely New Block

Hi, Is it possible to create an entirely new block without overwriting one of the existing Minecraft blocks?

This was one of the main things my son was excited about, but it seems you are just able to overwrite the item’s texture, like a resource pack would do, but not to create an entirely new item like you can when modding.

Is that correct?

Unfortunately you cannot create an entirely new block for Minecraft (**yet).

This has to do with a limitation in the original Minecraft game that we have no control over. The mods we make can only change the way a “multiplayer server” handles the “game client”.

The way the original game was made there is only a specific number of textures allotted for block textures; we can’t add or remove them, but we can change them.

What we’ve done is provide an easy to use tool for changing a block texture, assigning that texture to a specific block, and automated the process of updating your private Minecraft server, hosted by us, with the new and updated texture pack; all with a single button click.

We feel that this greatly simplifies the process of creating a “custom texture/resource pack” for your private server.

We also have a tool for creating a custom character skin, and we have a few more exciting tools that you’ll hear about from us sometime this year!

I hope this helps,
Kind Regards