Downloading and mail merge of reports

I was wondering if any of my fellow Tynker educators have tried creating reports offline from the CSV data provided by Tynker. I love the dashboard on Tynker, it is extremely helpful in checking students’ progress and skills. However, I would like to make this visible in the classroom at all times on an interactive LCD monitor during classes. The problem is that I would have to be logged in as a teacher and users could look at other sensitive data. Furthermore, this data could be mail merged into a custom report and e-mail to parents, if I could figure out a way to make it more manageable.

My initial solution is to download the data once a week and import it into a dashboard program so that it is curated. I am still researching the best tool for this. Furthermore, importing the data from the Tynker CSV file requires some cleaning, given that entire concepts are left blank and listed categorically (ex. Beginner, Intermediate…). I also don’t have a way to download the earned badges report included in the Tynker dashboard.

So I am wondering if anyone has some suggestions or would be interested on collaborating on project to make this possible? I will gladly share anything I create on this forum and hope that it will help improve all of our classrooms.