Does the Mambo allow in-flight changes?


Have been programming the Mambo for literally less than one day. I was wondering if there is any way to adjust my program mid-flight? Can I set a break that will wait for user input before continuing? If so, I haven’t found it yet.

I have found the Mambo to not be super precise (but still great for a <$100 drone!), so when creating programs to cover longer distances, sometimes it’s flight path may vary and then throw off any subsequent commands. I would like to adjust its heading by a degree or two at certain points once I see it is off track. Avoiding crashes into doorways is my actual aim here!



When you press the “Stop” button on the iPad, we land the drone. This is for safety reasons. However you can build your own remote, but programming buttons on the iPad to “turn 15 degrees to the right” and use those buttons as the drone is flying. There are two ways to send commands from the button to the drone Actor.

You can use messaging commands such as “send message” and “when I receive”. So when you tap on the button, send a message to the drone actor. In the drone Actor, use the receive event and program a course of action.

You can also define a function in the drone actor, and call it from the button Actor as drone.turnleft(15).