Displaying Variables

Hi I am using the Tynker Mobile App.
I am trying to display a variable that I have created to allow a score to be kept.
I have added On Start/Show Variable score/Set score to 0 to the stage code but it wont display. Ive changed the order of these blocks, and even put them into the actors code instead - what am I doing wrong ???

Hi there, you’re right! There seems to be a problem with this block on the Tynker App. However this block is not supported on mobile - did you sync down a project authored on the web to get this on the device? We’ll resolve it in a future build. In the meantime you can draw text at any location on the screen using code like this:


Hey there, so this was asked nearly 2 years ago and the mobile app still isn’t able to display text excepted by painting it. WUT? Having a Text actor seem a really basic building block.

I think that can be created easily by the help of cascading style sheet and if you want more assistance on it then go to Samsung Service Center Dubai 2020 | Laptop TV and Fridge repair 2020