Chromebook not showing animations

We’ve just started with Tynker and the content looks great on my Macbook. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work correctly on my son’s new Chromebook. When he enters activities it just waits for input - I see the background items such as background graphics and some navigation buttons, but not the top-layer animations. For example, when setting up your profile you would see the different avatar options he only sees the rows that they appear in front of and for Coding Monsters he only sees the background city but not the wizard who gives the instructions. I’ve tried contacting support and haven’t heard back for a week. Does anyone have advice on settings to tweak to get it to work on Chromebook or getting support to respond? Thanks!

Hi Lisa,

I checked support and it looks like this issue has been resolved for you.

It appears that there was an “Internet Monitoring Tool” that was interfering with the website, and adding to the white list for that tool fixed your problem.

We’ll be updating our FAQ shortly as well, and thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Kind Regards,

If anyone comes to this with the same issues - the real problem was that Mobicip was blocking access to some of the content that was dynamically loaded. You could see this by looking at the network channel. We added to the whitelisted domains and the application has been working great ever since.

I’m considering getting the Tynker courses for my son. I want to be sure that if he uses a Chromebook, he will be able to use his Chromebook or if he will need a PC.

@lisa.haas.backer After you fixed the Mobicip issue has your son had any problems?