Can't Interact with Puzzle

Everything was going great in the Puppy adventure until my son reached level 22 (when you start programming the arrow keys). Suddenly we can’t drag the code blocks. In fact, we can’t click the “Start” button or anything on the faded out screen. My son gave up so I took over and went back to previous levels and those don’t work anymore either. We can’t interact with the screen at all.

This happened when we first logged into Tynker in IE so I installed Chrome and everything was okay. Now, Chrome is having the same problem. We didn’t change anything, it just stopped working.

I tried Firefox and still, the mouse won’t interact with the objects. We tried a different game and we can’t click on anything. (Hotwheels)

My son is using Windows 10.

Please advise on what we can do…we’ve been using tynker for 2 days and starting to get frustrated.

How about the flash player? Looks like you just need to install the latest version. I have such problems on my last laptop. Or, maybe you should allow your Chrome or Firefox to turn on the flash objects on the pages. Check your browser`s settings.