Cannot move actors once placed

Using the platformer project as an example, we can place actors in the level editor but once placed we cannot select and move them around. (we cannot even move the starting actors around either). We can paint the platform just fine, and most everything else except MOVE an actor with the mouse to a new location. We can see videos in help showing you just click on a character, the selection box shows, then drag to move. However, when clicked no selection box appears and we cannot drag the actor anywhere. I am sure this is something simple, but … Help!

Using Chrome and IE11 on a Windows 10 PC.

im having the same problem today. i dont know why this is happening, all i know is that when you click the canvas it starts the program and it does not let you drag

I did notice this appears to occur (but I am not sure if it is limited to) changing the background. I can create a new project and place/move fine. But when I change the background my ability to select and move actors is gone. It is as-if the background is “over top” of everything and nothing “under” it is selectable (even though you can see it). Just an observation. We arent moving forward with Tynker because of this (unfortunately); we can’t find a workaround (but would love to know if one exists)

If you could share the project here - we can look at what the problems are and help.