Block Coding Clones


I need a better explanation about clone behavior in Tynker’s block coding. When I clone an actor by pressing down the space key, it clones just fine. However, When I press the space key again, it clones the original actor and the existing clone… doubling every time I press space.
Also, when there are clones, and I use the “When key ___ pressed” to move the original sprite, the clones also moves with it. I found a work around with this using a conditional and waiting until key ___ not pressed . However, that’s pretty complicated to explain to early elementary school students.

Why are the clones behaving this way and is there a better way to code it?

Thank you!

Controlling the Clones Behavior can be done by using the clone startup event block. Just add the code you want to control the clones underneath it, after you create the clone in the original string.

Screen Shot 2021-10-22 at 7.26.26 AM