"Be Sure to drag the coding blocks to the coding area" message

How do I create one of these messages in my Tutorial?

You would need to drag the blocks into the tutorial but it can be a little finicky at times (it’s in process of being redesigned). Once you drag them in, there is a drop down menu in the top where you can select whether you want them to be draggable or view only

Yes, I managed to get it working one time, but have been unable to repeat my success, even following your sequence. My success came from using the Classic Editor, but even that was finicky. When I drag the items into a new note, the dropdown isn’t visible until I click the note, but then the blocks are not selected and selecting and making them draggable makes them appear draggable, but I don’t get the message when running the tutorial.

This is what is working reasonably consistently for me in order to:

  • The first note does not work consistently.
  • As noted the blocks need format “Draggable”
  • All the draggable blocks need to NOT be already on the code area.
  • It seems to only test for the presence of all the individual blocks, not whether they are connected in a particular way.
  • it can only test for a single presence of any given block type, i.e.
    • The number of individual blocks seems not to be tracked.
    • content of blocks (i.e. move 10 instead of move 50) not tracked

But, knowing that helps me plan my tutorials appropriately. Still better than nothing

One trick as well: You can copy and paste blocks. So as long as you can get them in the tutorial editor somehow, you should be able to highlight the blocks, copy, and then paste them in other places on the editor. You can then change whether they are draggable or not.

That’s right! Thanks.