Back to School: Archiving Classes and Creating New Classes- 2018 Update

Welcome back to school! So, let’s guess that you haven’t looked at Tynker in a few months. Let’s get you started for a fresh new year of Tynker :slight_smile:

Step 1: Archive last year’s classes:

Do this by going to your My Classes Tab, and clicking the three dots in the right corner of the classroom. NOTE: this will not delete student accounts you created last year. It will preserve any progress and projects they have created, so far.

About Deleting Old Classes: Remember that Tynker saves student mastery progress and projects. Unless you have made some error- there is almost no reason to delete an old class. Archive it instead.

Step 2: Create a NEW class:

Follow the funnel to create your first class for the Fall:

Option 1: For Returning Students- Join Code

a. You don’t have to create new accounts for these students. Simply choose “How Can Students Join?”

b. Give students the Join Code (write this on the board):

c. [In Student Dashboard] Have students log in the way they did last year. In the Student Dash, have them go to the tab: My Classes. Have them click Join a Class in the top right:

Option 2: To Create New Student Accounts:

a. Go to your Students Tab in your Class:

b. To Avoid Uploading CSVs- use the left button and Add Students:

Adding Students with Google Option:

Simply paste or type in the student Google Account:

BONUS - you can add as many rows as you need- making uploading CSVs unnecessary.

Adding Students with Tynker Accounts Option:

Same as above, type or paste in student names, usernames, and passwords:

BONUS: You can also add multiple rows here, making uploading CSV unnecessary.

NEW FEATURE: You can auto-generate usernames and passwords for privacy and simplicity.

Step 3: When you’re done adding- click Add Students