Actor can only jump once? What's wrong

We are trying to edit the platformer project. We’ve added our own actor and wired it up to jump. The actor jumps successfully the first time, but doesn’t “land” properly (ie the dragon is in hover mode) and subsequent keypresses to jump do nothing. The code looks identical to the main actor and the main actor works as expected.

I am the parent and actually a computer programmer but I’m stumped :slight_smile: Is this just a bug in the underlying libraries?

If you send us a link to the project we can take a look. As I recall, the platformer tutorial relies on a “platformer library” of commands that make certain assumptions - for example , the camera follows the good guy, when you press certain keys, they can initiate jumps or other actions. But you can override those, and change the behavior by adding your own code.

I am sending a copy of my project where the same thing is happening. I know this is an old thread, but can you take a look for me:

This is my student’s project:

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@smandyam I took a look at this- and was able to make the actor jump- but not with the actor that he had added- only the “Hero” actor from the Level Editor. My assumption was that the actor from Character Creator didn’t have the necessary Action move to make the double jump or something. Just a guess…